Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lazy Day In OK

Hey all.... Well it was lazy day in OK but we had a fun day! We went to a museum about Fort Sill then went to Geronimo's grave( along where his wife and children are buried)
very interesting! Then went to the Mall( Damn I know Salmon Run Mall was small but this mall is even smaller!)We walked the whole mall in like 10 minutes( and yes that even stopping in stores to look!)Came back and hung out here for a bit. Sat down and played Phase 10 with Mike and Christina and Amanda..... LOL Amanda came from behind and kicked out asses! Well later on Mike and I and the kids went for a walk...Course it wasnt a long run cause 1/2 through it Mike had to go to the bathroom so came home and then everyone was just to hot so said we would do it tonight........Little bit of drama here but thats life in a house with 3 families!!!! oooooo Also where we are staying at is right down the street from Polo Field( yep the SAME place where TIM MCGRAW will be flying into on Friday for the concert!)Well a ton of buses escorted by a few MP's came down our road ... That could only mean one thing!!! Welcome Home Soldiers!!! It was too cool. We got to hear everyone screaming and such........I am so behind in creating.... I need to work on some packs this week at some point! I also applied for a job at AAFES so keep your fingers crossed for me!! Anyway I am off need to run to the store... Have a good day! oh yea the picture is taken on Saturday June 27th! Look at my daughter's dark hair:( She looks good though!:)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Made It To Oklahoma

Howdy Y'all........ well we made it Oklahoma.... Looking for a place to live now( we hope to get housing soon!)right now staying at my friends place but really want a place of our own.

anyway the trip down here was eventful LOL.... I survived driving through Kansas City,Wichita and Oklahoma City haha I dont know how though.....

anyway its been just crazy