Sunday, November 13, 2011

Awesome New Kit From Stephy's Dabbles!

She did this amazing kit First Day of Forever! This kit was inspired by Breaking Dawn movie coming out THIS FRIDAY Wooohoooo!!! So can't wait! I created this tag using her gorgeous new kit..... you can get the kit here:
Stephy's Dabbles.

This is the tag I created with it::: Thanks for looking and make sure you check out her site! If you download the kit, make sure you leave a little love for her:) it's the polite thing to do!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Don't Be Afraid

Image I am using is a commissioned piece
©Rae Lynn Simpson & Tania Phillips
Commissioned Artwork by Katerina Koukiotis

Filters Used:: Mura Meister> Copies, Xero >Fritillary & Tramages >Tow The Line

Image copy and pasted on to a 600x250 new image
Black and white image works best
Effects>image effects>seamless tiling ( Default)
Adjust >Blur>Gaussion>13
Mura Meister's copies> Default ( See image for example)

New raster layer> flood with with a darker color that is complementary
Move this new layer underneath image layer
Merge the image and new flood-filled layer together

Selection tool>rectangle > Add (shift),feather 0,anti-alias checked> draw selection top to bottom >promote selection. Select none....On same layer Tramages Tow The Line ( See my image for specifications)

Change to Luminance ( legacy)
Flip and mirror this layer till it looks like mine.

The lower opacity to 28
Now go back to bottom layer>Xero-fritillary 7,30,10,12

Click on preset shape tool>eclipse> foreground the same color as before Background -null Line width 4
Holding down the shift key, draw out eclipse to same height as tag. X out the eclipse and convert to raster layer.
Hide everything else including background layers and click inside eclipse. Selections> modify>expand 2 copy and paste image as new layer. positioning how you want it. Invert and delete the excess.
Back on eclipse Drop shadow 3,3,64,7 ( see image)

Merge image and eclipse together. Duplicate and move it under original image layer and X it out for a moment. On Original layer resize 90% once or twice (your choice. I did mine twice)

New layer > flood fill with same color as before; I used :#5c0606
Move this layer underneath the eclipse/image layer. change the blend mode to Multiply

Go back to the duplicated image. Resize this by 111% you want this image larger than original. Position towards the middle of the tag but still under original image. But above your promoted layer from earlier

Change to Luminance( legacy) and drop the opacity to 22.

Go back to Xero Fritillary and hit ok ( same settings as before).

Position original image towards the other side (see mine for example)

Adding any wording you want along with the name and drop shadow as before
Add your copyright information and save as JPEG and you are done!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1 Family Size Roaster Chicken= 2 days of meals!

Need an idea for dinner? want something easy but yet could work for 2 days worth of dinner?
Check out my recipe idea over on my cooking blog: Lets Get Cooken...


Friday, September 2, 2011

New Tutorial By Sarah Fiack

She has made another awesome tutorial using a couple of pictures.....

you can check it out here:: Haunted


Thanks Sarah!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

So Much Has Gone On!

Wow Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. So much has gone on since I last posted. First off my husband Michael came home from Iraq in June after being gone a year!


The picture above is the day he came home and was checking out his welcome home signs!

These pictures are me and my awesome friends just prior to them marching in...


This is me & one of my best friend's Jessica

This picture is courteous of Timeless Images who did some of my welcome home pictures
This was a collage she made for us...

After he came home us and some friends of ours went to a Wilderness park and had a blast! here is a couple of pictures from there...





Our kids had JROTC camp in June and had to wear their uniforms.... The morning that they left Michael and Jessica's husband Adam had to go into work.... I managed to get a picture of all four of them in their uniforms...Tallest to shortest...Then the beginning of July we went to Ohio on leave and had a blast.. Will post some pictures in another blog....


Also posted some new picture files in my Photography group that are FTU....have a good day all....

ohhh and PS can someone send some rain to my part of Oklahoma please??? we really n eed it! Thanks LOL

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Tutorial By Sarah Fiack

Amazing,awesome new tutorial by Sarah Fiack using one of my photos along with a fabulous tube from PinUpToons.
You can check out the tutorial HERE

This is the awesome tag! Thanks Sarah!!! LOVE IT!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wow Been Awhile!

Hey all I know I have been horrible about posting.....So much has been going on here it has been unreal. Between my kids and my husband and also schooling keeping me hopping, there are days I do not know which way is up. Ok let me catch you up to speed. In Feb my son who is part of the Special Olympics polar plunge, raised the 2nd highest total of donations. Also in Feb was what was supposed to be my daughter and son's JROTC ball but do to snow it was rescheduled till April. In March my daughter started working through the "Get Hired!" program through the Army's MWR program. She has been working with school age kids and loves it. She also tried out for the Cheerleading squad but didn't make it :( that's ok though. She had fun trying and that is all that counts. My kids also had their Spring break in March which wasn't too bad we kept busy and had a lot of fun visiting different areas around here. Also in March the kids had Special Olympics Unified Basketball. They came in third place but had fun and Christina made a gorgeous cake for all to share. On March 30th my friend Clarissa's daughter came to visit for awhile. Her name is Krystal and she has a little boy named Briant. We have had a lot of fun showing her around the area. April 1st Jayson had Track & Field Special Olympics with his events being the Running Long Jump & The 100 Meter Run. He took 1st place in his running long jump and 3rd in his run. Michael and I are so proud of him. Also in April Christina ended up joining the Junior Varsity Cheer Squad. There was an issue with another girl and since Christina was the closest in points, she was able to replace her. Boy did we scramble to get the money together to get it paid off. $686 dollars later ( thanks in part to an awesome friend!) HS Cheer is so crazy expensive. Man this squad has a ton of different uniforms they wear (seriously way too many) but Christina is having fun. Yep she is still working BTW. April 26th was my birthday and my friends took me and the kids out to dinner. We had an awesome time. On April 30th I flew to Jackson Hole Wyoming then got picked up by my best friend Jessica and had an awesome drive back to her home in Idaho Falls ID. Got lots of pictures as well. Only downside of the trip there was my phone was stolen at the Salt Lake City airport( was found later on in a bathroom). Will be posting pictures here eventually haha...). Got back to Oklahoma the night of May 2nd just in time for my kids JROTC awards. Jayson for the Guy Rogers award and Christina was LET 2 Superior Cadet of the year & LET 2 Cadet of the Year ( both for the 2nd year in a row). Which brings me to now. School is kicking my butt! lol I hate how my classes are set up this block. It is so confusing. Oh forgot to mention in April Christina got her temps so stay off the roads LOL...... Coming up this week Jayson heads to Northern Oklahoma for State Finals in Special Olympics GOOD LUCK JAYSON!!! Also Christina's Sweet 16th birthday is this week and Jayson's 18th Birthday is the 19th Oy Vay! Also I will mention my husband Michael will be returning from Iraq sometime next month so between now and then things are going to be really crazy!!! Anyway thats it for now.... will try to update again soon and maybe actually get some creative work done as well!!!

Christina claiming the truck!

Jayson and Christina and their awards

Jayson & Briant at Applebee's on my birthday

Emily made up this bed herself lol

Briant playing in the rain for the 1st time!

Kids & I after the JROTC Awards

Oddball buried herself in the blanket

Me & Krystal Cooking Apple Cider Chicken- Recipe on my Let's Get Cookin Blog!