Saturday, July 10, 2010

9:30 Saturday Morning

Man I miss the days waking up super early to start watching cartoons...those were the best!

Anyway yep I know way overdue for a posting.... Ok let me catch you up on the last month...Last month my husband deployed to the sandbox! I spent a couple of weeks with the kids adjusting to our daily life without him here...We miss him so much... I am glad to say though he is doing good...have been able to talk to him the last few days and the last couple of days he has been my morning wakeup call :) Getting ready to send him out a few packages next week...

anyway I have had a serious lack of mojo lately.. I open PSP and nothing gets done.... UGHH hate this.... I really need to start creating!

Gonna be updating some pictures at the bottom soon too....

Ohhh also I will be releasing some new word arts as well as a scrapkit sometime in the next week( its been done for awhile)

Ohh cant forget one little tiny Tequila Rose had puppies on June 14th....2 girls Oddball and Rose and 2 Boys Smidget & Ducky..They are so sute and so fat! lol
We introduced them to solid food last night... They girls were like ewww but the boys chowed down HAHA!

Here are some pics of the pups

Hope you all have a good day!