Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time and Tuts

Oh man Time is flying.... soon this year will be gone....This year has been a year of changes not just for me personally but a year of changes for the Simpson family as well.... As many of you know My husband returned on Feb 1st from a 15 month deployment to Iraq. Its been awesome having him my family left NY and moved to Oklahoma for our PCS move.... Its been ok down here....The weather has been good although there were days when it was hotter than hades but thats ok....As far as dealing with the different places on base thats another story... its sooo different from Drum and in fact in some places it was much much worse... There are days when I want to go back to Drum. My kids have started school.. I have a freshman and a sophomore. Yikes scary! Although did you know that this school mandates that these kids walk through metal detectors thats how bad the violence is in the school!! Scary stuff!! I am so proud of both of my kids.,.They have adjusted very well and are actually getting involved in things....My daughter is part of the JROTC as well as Key club..She just had her very first HS spirit week and had a blast! Jayson is bowling and enjoying other activities and he too is loving it.....
I on the other hand have been working for the government at a shoppette on base. Its been good working there. We do have alot of laughs which is a good thing... Mike has been put on detail away from his unit... its nice to have him home early for a change!

Ok next subject lol have you gone to a fave tut site or scrap site and discovered it was no longer around?? I found that out this morning that several of my fave sites are gone :( oh well back to the drawing board....

anyway I have new pics posted at MtA....Should be released soon so keep your eyes out....

off to the drawing board you all have a great day!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

howdy howdy

Howdy folks......well I am in the middle of doing some new photos for ya!!! I will be releasing the new ones within the next few days... Work was crazy last night and it will be again today....Being the fact that its labor day weekend.... I hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

egads am I behind lol

Ok I know its been well over a month since I last posted but man its been crazy
FIRST The concert was freaking awesome... he was too cool.... then had fireworks afterwards...... THEN in the middle of July my husband and I were able to find a place to rent here in Lawton for only $425 a month yay! Then on July 21st I received a phone call from my friend Michelle........She gave me the worse news a wife could ever receive she had lost her husband in the war in Afghanistan :( my heart still breaks for her... She is strong though....The funeral was intense and sad...but beautiful... each one of his kids along with Michelle and his parents received a flag....

along side all of this I have started working at the Shoppette on the base,. My work hours are crazy but its ok. There is never a lack of action around the store lol

woohoo my kids start back to school on the 21st!! YAY!!

well guess thats my update take care all

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lazy Day In OK

Hey all.... Well it was lazy day in OK but we had a fun day! We went to a museum about Fort Sill then went to Geronimo's grave( along where his wife and children are buried)
very interesting! Then went to the Mall( Damn I know Salmon Run Mall was small but this mall is even smaller!)We walked the whole mall in like 10 minutes( and yes that even stopping in stores to look!)Came back and hung out here for a bit. Sat down and played Phase 10 with Mike and Christina and Amanda..... LOL Amanda came from behind and kicked out asses! Well later on Mike and I and the kids went for a walk...Course it wasnt a long run cause 1/2 through it Mike had to go to the bathroom so came home and then everyone was just to hot so said we would do it tonight........Little bit of drama here but thats life in a house with 3 families!!!! oooooo Also where we are staying at is right down the street from Polo Field( yep the SAME place where TIM MCGRAW will be flying into on Friday for the concert!)Well a ton of buses escorted by a few MP's came down our road ... That could only mean one thing!!! Welcome Home Soldiers!!! It was too cool. We got to hear everyone screaming and such........I am so behind in creating.... I need to work on some packs this week at some point! I also applied for a job at AAFES so keep your fingers crossed for me!! Anyway I am off need to run to the store... Have a good day! oh yea the picture is taken on Saturday June 27th! Look at my daughter's dark hair:( She looks good though!:)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Made It To Oklahoma

Howdy Y'all........ well we made it Oklahoma.... Looking for a place to live now( we hope to get housing soon!)right now staying at my friends place but really want a place of our own.

anyway the trip down here was eventful LOL.... I survived driving through Kansas City,Wichita and Oklahoma City haha I dont know how though.....

anyway its been just crazy


Friday, May 29, 2009

Greetings From MN

Hey all boy its been awhile.... well as I mentioned we are moving and right now we are in MN on leave. We are leaving for Oklahoma on the 7th.... Anyway lots of stuff going on... Its amazing what happens to you when you have been offline for nearly a damn month. You get accused of shit you didnt even do..... and whats worse when I tried to email the owner I dont know if she even got it as I havent gotten a response yet from her...( and btw I know you are reading this so this is just a heads up that you have TWO emails from me) Oh well such is life..... Anyway enuff drama.... its been interesting to say the least. Spent almost a week and a half in the middle of nowhere with no internet access whatsoever... about damn near drove me nuts.... Lord I was haooy to see civilization again lol

anyway gots lots of new photos will post them as soon as I can.

have a great night

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Time Sure Flies!!

Oh Man So much has gone on since I last blogged.... Well for one We are moving in 2 weeks instead of almost 2 months!!! YIKES!! soooo much to do to get ready for the movers.... Have been cleaning and organizing everything.... getting rid of alot of stuff.... We arent taking some of our big furniture with us like our dining table and computer desk....or our couch! Michael said we would buy all new stuff that actually matches when we get there wooohooo!!! I cant wait I already know what dining room set I want.... Living room is gonna be another story HAHA!!

Anyway my birthday is the 26th so me and my family are going to Herkimer Diamond Mines
I cant wait! its gonna be awesome.... The kids are really looking forward to it!!!So are me and Michael!!!
The packers come on the 27th and 28th... Then May 4th we clear housing and are heading out. We will be in MN for almost a month as well as Ohio for a few days! I am hoping to meet up with a good friend of ours who we havent seen in years!

anyway I havent posted any new scrapkits as I have been totally mojo'd out! I would love to see some ideas from ya if you have any!!!

Also I have some new photos up for sale at MtA....
Will have more up soon!!! Please help me get the word out about my pics... Also would love to hear feedback on them as well.....

well anyway off to go try and do some more organizing on this computer.... have a great night!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Its Only Tuesday???

My son woke up in such a bright and cheery mood..... Ya RIGHT Not!!!

Anyway today Christina has to have an MRI done on her knee and then off to school she goes... She also has cheerleading practice tonight so she is keeping us hopping.... Wow just over 60 days till we head to Oklahoma....YAY! I cant wait I am so excited!

oooo I know I promised new scraps would be posted last weekend but I'm sorry RL took over so I will try to see if I can get them done this week.... Ohhh and I have a secret LOL its' all good... cant say to much now but will announce as soon as I can!

well I'm off have a great day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy Busy

Hey all.... I know its been awhile since I have posted... I am so sorry....
Things have been megacrazy here....Well we will be heading to Fort Sill OK around the beginning of June.... I cant wait. I am so excited. I am so sick of NY! The schools suck royally... oh man dont get me started anyway..... I am working on a couple of new scrapkits I hope to have posted by Sunday...

take care

Friday, February 27, 2009

WOW Time Flies

LOL I cant believe its been a month since I last posted.... But in that month LOADS of things happened( all for the good of course!)
1st off my husband Michael returned safely from Iraq on the 1st....YAY!!!
2 we got our tax refund so we bought a few things for the house and for me including a new printer! I sooo needed one....
Also we went on vacation to both Ohio and Minnesota to visit both sides of the family....
We had alot of fun! While we were in MN we went to this HUGE outdoor sports place called Cabela's...its so awesome... we love going there every time we go home. My FIL was nice enough to buy Jay & Christina helmets for the 4 wheeler. Then when we went to Cabela's Michael bought us one as we needed it.... We also went to the Mall Of America and had such an awesome time.....If you havent been there.... you should go . its so cool...With Legoland and the Nick themepark in there plus the hundreds of stores...its so worth the trip. They also have this awesome underwater adventure aquarium... There is a 300 foot tunnel that you walk through and meanwhile all the sharks and sting rays and a couple HUGE turtle float around you,... it was amazing... got some good pics there too.....will try to post some of them later for you.... We returned home a day later than we originally intended but that was due to weather issues... Course now we are all sicker than dogs. Chris and Mike are the worse though.. They have nasty sinus infections.
The picture I am sharing is when Christina walked up to the glass to the see the turtle better it floated up to her as if to say hi.... She is such an animal magnet LOL

Anywho off to do some creating and ughhh here comes the rain!

Have a good day

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hey all... Thought I should give ya an update..... Things have been ultra busy around here.... Michael will be home within a few short weeks so been doing some mad cleaning and also reorganizing the house LOL... I will also be moving furniture around.( Mike knows I am good for moving furniture)

Will have a new scrapkit up for you soon... Hope you will like it. its from one of my favorite Disney movies....

Been doing alot of tagging as well... Probably will post some tags made some of the people in LAFG

Also wanted to let you know I will be rearranging my older kits...This is due to space issues.... I probably will be working on that sometime this week anyway hope you all have a great night as I am heading off to bed have a great night!

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