Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time and Tuts

Oh man Time is flying.... soon this year will be gone....This year has been a year of changes not just for me personally but a year of changes for the Simpson family as well.... As many of you know My husband returned on Feb 1st from a 15 month deployment to Iraq. Its been awesome having him my family left NY and moved to Oklahoma for our PCS move.... Its been ok down here....The weather has been good although there were days when it was hotter than hades but thats ok....As far as dealing with the different places on base thats another story... its sooo different from Drum and in fact in some places it was much much worse... There are days when I want to go back to Drum. My kids have started school.. I have a freshman and a sophomore. Yikes scary! Although did you know that this school mandates that these kids walk through metal detectors thats how bad the violence is in the school!! Scary stuff!! I am so proud of both of my kids.,.They have adjusted very well and are actually getting involved in things....My daughter is part of the JROTC as well as Key club..She just had her very first HS spirit week and had a blast! Jayson is bowling and enjoying other activities and he too is loving it.....
I on the other hand have been working for the government at a shoppette on base. Its been good working there. We do have alot of laughs which is a good thing... Mike has been put on detail away from his unit... its nice to have him home early for a change!

Ok next subject lol have you gone to a fave tut site or scrap site and discovered it was no longer around?? I found that out this morning that several of my fave sites are gone :( oh well back to the drawing board....

anyway I have new pics posted at MtA....Should be released soon so keep your eyes out....

off to the drawing board you all have a great day!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

howdy howdy

Howdy folks......well I am in the middle of doing some new photos for ya!!! I will be releasing the new ones within the next few days... Work was crazy last night and it will be again today....Being the fact that its labor day weekend.... I hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend!!!