Friday, July 20, 2007

Ahhh What A Day!!!

Man oh man what a day it has been! Got up with Michael before he left for work and made coffee and did all the normal wifey things to do Then jumped on the computer. read through emails and saved everything that I wanted and deleted the rest. I then went into the MSN group I am a assistant manager in and did my daily postings in there. LOL While in there I ended up doing some tutorials and boy did they have me hopping. I think I installed about 10 new filters today LOL..... My kids on the other hand is another story! I could not get them to wake up....Finally got my son up about 8:30 and he ran the dogs out then came in and went back to sleep. I gave up I let them both sleep till about noon just so I could have some peace and quiet( btw my kids are 12 & 14).......My son is sick with a bad bad cold so its really kicking his butt. that boy woke up for about 20 minutes then went back to sleep till like 3:30!!! Poor kid:(
Once Christina was up and moving she was GONE!!! literally! She went shopping and out to lunch with her friend Brittney and Britt's mom Christina. around 4 hub calls and asks me how fast can I make dinner and I am like why??? He had to remind me he was on 24 hour duty which I had totally forgotten about! OY!!! literally through dinner together in just under 25 minutes..Baked Chicken Rice Pilaf and Biscuits! am I good or what?? lol

Anyway now I am off to do more tuts with my friend Kelly!!!

bye Y'all

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