Sunday, December 14, 2008

Instead Of Christmas Time Its Crazy Time Here LOL

I may have mentioned before my life is a bit insane LOL..... Things have been so busy here its nuts! But its all good......My husband will be coming home soon... I so cant wait for him to get here. I miss him so much!!! Have I mentioned I HATE 15 month deployments???
At least we get to talk on the phone ya know?
It doesnt really feel like Christmas without him around.... He loves teasing me and Chris when we are decorating the house or picking on Jayson while he is helping do the lights....Even doing the baking yesterday seemed strange,...... He ALWAYS swipes one of whatever we are cooking( ya know gotta do that taste test thing to make sure it tastes good kinda deal)
We just need him home!
Anyway as I mentioned me & Chris & Jay were baking yesterday and we still arent finished( sucks when ya run out of vanilla LOL) but we did get alot done yesterday..... Including making truffles...... The only nice thing about the snow is that helped everything cool down faster as we sticking things outside to cool since we had no room anywhere else! Anyway back to the truffles
once they were chilled enough for us to roll them into balls Me & Christina started rolling them out then rolling in cocoa powder..... well one thing led to another and her and I ended up in a cocoa powder fight.... it was hilarious..... the funny thing is though Smirnoff & Bacardi got into the middle of it and ended up with cocoa powder over their faces( they love chasing us LOL)
Once Christina seen them she said with a a straight face( which had me laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face) " Hey Mom I didn't know we had Chocolate Labs"

anyway here is a few pics from yesterday! Also a pic of the kids with our friends puppy Zoey( isn't she adorable?)

Till Next Time
Happy Holidays!

Smirnoff Cocoa Face

Bacardi  Cocoa Face

Mom and Chris

The Kids and Zoey

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