Thursday, August 13, 2009

egads am I behind lol

Ok I know its been well over a month since I last posted but man its been crazy
FIRST The concert was freaking awesome... he was too cool.... then had fireworks afterwards...... THEN in the middle of July my husband and I were able to find a place to rent here in Lawton for only $425 a month yay! Then on July 21st I received a phone call from my friend Michelle........She gave me the worse news a wife could ever receive she had lost her husband in the war in Afghanistan :( my heart still breaks for her... She is strong though....The funeral was intense and sad...but beautiful... each one of his kids along with Michelle and his parents received a flag....

along side all of this I have started working at the Shoppette on the base,. My work hours are crazy but its ok. There is never a lack of action around the store lol

woohoo my kids start back to school on the 21st!! YAY!!

well guess thats my update take care all

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