Friday, February 27, 2009

WOW Time Flies

LOL I cant believe its been a month since I last posted.... But in that month LOADS of things happened( all for the good of course!)
1st off my husband Michael returned safely from Iraq on the 1st....YAY!!!
2 we got our tax refund so we bought a few things for the house and for me including a new printer! I sooo needed one....
Also we went on vacation to both Ohio and Minnesota to visit both sides of the family....
We had alot of fun! While we were in MN we went to this HUGE outdoor sports place called Cabela's...its so awesome... we love going there every time we go home. My FIL was nice enough to buy Jay & Christina helmets for the 4 wheeler. Then when we went to Cabela's Michael bought us one as we needed it.... We also went to the Mall Of America and had such an awesome time.....If you havent been there.... you should go . its so cool...With Legoland and the Nick themepark in there plus the hundreds of stores...its so worth the trip. They also have this awesome underwater adventure aquarium... There is a 300 foot tunnel that you walk through and meanwhile all the sharks and sting rays and a couple HUGE turtle float around you,... it was amazing... got some good pics there too.....will try to post some of them later for you.... We returned home a day later than we originally intended but that was due to weather issues... Course now we are all sicker than dogs. Chris and Mike are the worse though.. They have nasty sinus infections.
The picture I am sharing is when Christina walked up to the glass to the see the turtle better it floated up to her as if to say hi.... She is such an animal magnet LOL

Anywho off to do some creating and ughhh here comes the rain!

Have a good day

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