Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where to begin???

Oh boy where do I begin?? It's been a long crazy crazy summer here in the Simpson household.

Let me backtrack to May. On May 18th, the life I had before changed. Why you ask? because that day I had a seizure for unknown reasons even to this day.  What do I mean by changed? It means that Until the end of July I didn't go anywhere if I had to go inside some place ( like a store ) If I had to go to the doctor's it took medication ( sometimes a double dose) to be able to go in and sit in the waiting room without having a meltdown. I was and still am to a point a wreck. I am slowly getting better thanks to my awesome neurologist who switched my meds and put me on something to help me and it has. I have been able to go to my doctor appointment's without losing it and have been able to walk into the shoppette without completely freaking out... Just baby steps but for those that know me... those are huge steps! During this time... I really stepped away from what I loved doing. Creating on my computer. I didn't have the heart. I honestly never thought I would get it back and then one day I sat down and opened up PSP and the love of creating was back. It was slow at first but it's building back up again. Something that many don't know about me unless you are on Facebook is that I love doing Digital Scrapbook Layouts. Sometimes I just use Quickpages and sometimes I create my own. I also participate in challenges in a forum for the Digital Scrapbooking Studio .
I do have a lot of fun in there. I have met some awesome people in there!

You can see the rest of my layouts here....Layouts

Thanks and see ya soon!

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